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About The Cosmic Connection, Temple of Stars...

When stepping through the door of NU AEON, Salem's "Best Witch Shop", you will cross a threshold. It will lead you, (should Wisdom guide you to buy a ticket), to a Gallery of Stellar Light and Art, a Magick Circle and a glimpse into World of the Witch, Magician, and Mystic. Hidden from the eyes of the profane, behind the wall of this spell-fueled boutique, is a bridge between the Spirit World and Witch City tourism.

We are located closely adjacent to Derby Wharf at a metaphysical and spiritual crossroads. This Temple of Stars is at The Cosmic Connection, an intersection, a potent place of power of Land and Sea and Sky blending together. 

We invite your hearts and minds to imagine and project for life improvements and the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes for your greatest good and the good of all.  Every well-intentioned traveler and thoughtful Hermetic seeker is welcomed to this exhibit at the Spiritual Heartbeat and Crossroads Vortex that is NU AEON. We are reclaiming and redeeming the Holy Art of Magick, making it part of everyday life and wearing our pentacles openly and proudly.


Soon, you will be able to buy a ticket and step inside. Visit The Cosmic Connection when you are in Witch City. How splendid is adventure! So mote it be!

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