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October 10, 2019@ 7:30 p.m.

“DragonFire Yoga” with Kathleen Exar at Nu Aeon!

In The Cosmic Connection Temple of Stars


This class is the first of a Series of DragonFire Yoga classes offered at Nu Aeon, 88 Wharf St., Pickering Wharf Salem, MA. Experience the power and beauty of Kundalini Yoga in this “DragonFire Yoga” class series.  Kundalini Yoga incorporates the science of rhythmic movement and breath to energetically balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of our auric field. Join Kathleen Exar as she brings the teachings of Yogi Bhajan to the first of her DragonFire Yoga classes incorporating seed mantras, mudras, body locks and mental focus. Please wear loose clothing you can move in, as this will be a participatory yoga class with built-in relaxation and sound meditation.  No experience necessary, 18 years old and over, and all levels welcome!

Parking on Pickering Wharf is limited. Nearby Waterfront garage provides additional parking. Please arrive at Nu Aeon at least 10 minutes early. Doors lock at 7:30. *Please note: There are no restroom facilities available prior to class. The restaurant next door may be accommodating to our visitors. The space is an intimate setting and with limited seating.  Buy your tickets today as this event will sell out!

Yoga mats will be provided. Space is limited in this beautiful intimate mystical chamber of light, art and magick, so REGISTER NOW at Nu Aeon

Non-refundable entrance fee is $30 ($35 at the door night of).


Class presented in the

Cosmic Connection Star Temple at

Nu Aeon, 88 Wharf St., Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachusetts. 

For Tickets go to  CLICK HERE!

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