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Sat, Aug 07


TNW-ATC Lammastide Ceremony 2021 e.v.

TNW-ATC Lammastide Ceremony of Gratitude and Blessings

“May the watchful eye of the Harvest Lord protect you”

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TNW-ATC Lammastide Ceremony of Gratitude and Blessings
TNW-ATC Lammastide Ceremony of Gratitude and Blessings

Time & Location

Aug 07, 2021, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

TNW-ATC Lammastide Ceremony 2021 e.v.

About the Event

As Lammastide approaches, I, like possibly many of you, am becoming aware of that perhaps not-so-subtle shift of energies that accompany a new turn of the Witches' Wheel of the Year. The core mysteries of each Sabbat are deep and rich and each individual Witch and/or Pagan experiences them in a unique way. Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, is a particularly deep and meaningful time  because the Wise know that as the fruits and grains "give way" to being harvested in "sacrifice" to the cycles of the ancient and modern ecosystems in our world, so that we humans can eat and survive, we also are reminded of how far we have come ( " what a long strange trip it's been" ), the quality of our contributions to the collective "good of All", and where "The Fates" and destiny has lead and is leading us.

Our lore and oral traditions attune us to the Foliate God, Green Man who is the Spirit of Life and Fertility in Nature that thrills through the Green Worlds of plants and trees and at Harvestide, and "willingly", is cut down for our consumption of that Life Force as we eat the grains, fruits and vegetables that nourish and sustain us. In the song "John Barleycorn", this anthropomorphizing of the corn - "Little Sir John...{who} has grown a long, long beard...{and is eventually by the Miller}...ground between two stones..." to become an ale for drinking in his Spirit, keeps alive the story and the feeling of the mystical inner mysteries of Harvestide, so easily, in these modern times, taken for granted.

In our annual Temple of Nine Wells-ATC  Lammas Rites, and private coven and family observances, the offering up of a carefully and  lovingly fashioned priapic male in "corn dolly" form known as the Wicker Man, or fashioned as a bread,  is a custom that has helped attune us and kept us focused on the ways of our Spiritual Ancestors.   

This will be the 7th online public Witchcraft Sabbat presentation that the Temple of Nine Wells is offering in our pledge to share a full eight-spoked wheel of Magickal ritual drama with our community. If you have been joining us in these interactive events, and have enjoyed the energy, you are most welcome to join us again for this one that we are planning. If this presentation will be your first, you are most welcome to connect with us as well.

There is no monetary obligation for these cermonies. We offer this as a service to the Craft. 


Our special ritual presenters will include: Lady Belladonna LaVeau and Dusty Dionne, Arch Priestess and Arch Priest of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church based in Washington State that sponsors us; Occultist & Witch HP. Karagan Griffith, who is again hosting this zoom call for us, Salem Psychic Intuitive Reader and Witch Priestess Kathleen Exar, Witch Priestess Linda Marciniak; our Temple of Nine Wells Reverend Ministers: Witch HP. Dana Burke, Witch HP. and Faery Seer Rev. Orion Foxwood from Maryland; Oracular Witches HPs. and HP. Reverends Lady and Iain Haight-Ashton in Maine.

 May the Great Spirits work with us. May the Powers of Magick indwell us, transforming our lives for our Greatest Good and the Good of all! So mote it be.


Yours in the Great Work,

Blessed Be With Love From Salem,

Rev. "Gypsy" Ravish and the TNW Council of Elders

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