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Goddess Samhain 2020.png

To participate fully in this interactive experience we suggest these preparations:

Take a cleansing, purifying bath or shower

Wear whatever makes you feel your most magickal self

Get comfortabel in front of your computer screen, or mobile device

We will be creating Sacred Space together

Have a bowl of water and a bowl of salt...  to be blessed for anointing

Have a candle ( or if that is not available for you, a faux candle )

Incense is always suitable for atmospherics, if possible for you

Perhaps, photographs or mementos of ancestors and/or departed loved ones

Prepare a platter of food for the "Dumb Supper" ... for no mortal to eat

Prepare a cup, glass or goblet of Wine or appropriate beverage for the "Dumb Supper" ... for no mortal to drink

Prepare a cup, glass, or goblet of Wine, water or suitable beverage for a drinkable toast

See you there!

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